Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Arabesque - Nuclear Ambition

Yes yes y'all,

I am very excited to finally present this to you. Here is the album cover I whipped up for Arabesque's new album, Nuclear Ambition.

Besque is back after a long hiatus from the music scene and is bringing real intelligent positive impactful beats and rhymes with him. I was super pumped to work on this project and and even more pumped to work on future gigs with the Toronto native.

Check out his new music video Understand.

The song/vid is about the plight of landed immigrants and their struggle to assimilate. My lovely lady and I make a quick cameo appearance too.

Nuclear Ambition comes out July 1st, 2010.

Music connoisseurs, you want to check out Besque's jawns. You can find the Juno nominated artist here:


Desert stock by Julia Starr



Adam Temple said...

Great stuff dude. Thumbs way up!

Rania said...

Love Besque. Can we pick this up at HMV?

Dirty Dre said...

Thanks guys,

Adam; your stuff is looking more fantastic every day. That goblin design is sick!

Rania; you can order your copy here

Gyimah said...

Ay man this is DOPE!!!
randomly found ur card in my wallet this morning and checked ur blog out again,great stuff. Thanks for encouraging me to get one man hope u good

Sami said...

Great works on your blog my friend:)