Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Download your FREE 'Dre for a Day' campaign mask

No, you're not dreaming, Dre really went this far.

Now you can show your support for the Andre Guindi for Events campaign by wearing this official Dre for a Day mask at the All Candidates Speeches and around campus!

Just click on the image to download the full thing and hit the print button. A little cutting and there you have it, your very own Dre for Events mask!

Now you can be loud & belligerent around your friends and yell outrageous things like "IS SHERIDAN IN THE HOUSE?" "LAST CALL FOR ALCAHOL" or the classic "SHERIDAN! MAKE SOME NOISE!!"

Print your FREE Dre for a Day mask today! Odds are you're in the Learning Commons right now anyway.

First 100 prints come with automatic cool-kid status.


Michael Dedrick said...
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Michael Dedrick said...

DOPE!!! Andre G for prez!!!