Monday, April 23, 2007

To All My MuahSukkah'

remember this bugger?

Imagine how much more he would suck in colour hahahaha

In other news.. happy FourTwenty to all! This year rocked
Big ups to the first years who stuck around Matt Baker's AWESOMETASTIC JAM! (and it's a sticky jam indeed)

umm, what else.. OH!
I did a junk load of layout/paintings
ch-check em out wouldja?

Oh BTW! Everything before you was done with a MOUSE and NOT a tablet!
So Ha!
(and somewhere on God's green earth Chamba just shed a tear of joy)

Um... I guess while I'm doing the 2nd year re-cap ting I might as well post other really crappy animations I'm really embarrassed about! Hurrah! GO 7:26 AM!! (I'm still on the no sleeping thing)

and that's all for now.. post long enough for ya?


Chris Darnbrough said...

nice stuff man, never saw some of those animations, i like the pirate girl she looks good haha

Dirty Dre said...

most fun spent on an animation, I can tell ya that

Rory said...
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Rory said...

Hey Andre, sorry about my sucky blog usage... can't seem to get anything right the first time, hence me having to delete my my first try at this comment. Anyway, your rabbit animation is one of my favorite muzzle synchs, and if I were you I wouldn't feel at all bad about it. The timing and the synching work well, and more importantly than that the acting is strong, and we get a good sense of character from him. He actually seems alive. I really like your walk/run too, particularly the interaction part where we see the ninja guy turn and react. Very well executed - I like the camera angles. Finally the expression change... gotta love birthday boozin' eh?!

Dirty Dre said...

Great words from an even greater animator. Dude, much appreciated man. The more I watch that rabbit, the more he seems to grow on me.

(p.s. blogger can be kinda screwy.. let's all move to deviantart lol)