Sunday, February 25, 2007

To Zion

animations w00t

OVER 9000!!!! Staring Pete Emslie, Mark Mayerson & John Williamson
Ahh how I love the power of the pencil

And voila my crappy (accent on the crap) muzzle animation that I just "finished" this morning. Try and guess at what point I just stoped caring

Oh.. and I feel I should mention just how much I love the beautiful and powerful Lauryn Hill

that is all


brockorama said...

Wow. That rabbit animation is crappy? REALLY?! Its defintely one of the best ones I've seen. Its my favorite of yours so far!

Dirty Dre said...

You really think so? Thanks man! I truly appreciate it.
I got so frustrated with it, wanting it to be ufging amazing. Thanks dude, I'll give it my all for the clean up and maybe it'll still be portfolio quality

-= Gus Kosmopoulos =- said...

the rabbit animation is killer, dude. Did you do the voice? I can't 'tell 'cause I have to keep it quiet over here at the moment, haha

And, once again, great job on Emslie/Mayerson/Williamson intensity :D

Unknown said...

hey i love it!

Amir Avni said...

Aww man, the Dragon BallZ scene is a Hilarious!

kamal said...

i love that animation