Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Twitter ?uestion

I recently joined the micro-blogging behemoth that is Twitter. It's great, I'm hooked! Perhaps the best part of being on this social platform is being able to follow virtually anyone! From Kanye to the Kardashians, if they're from this planet they're probably on Twitter.

You could imagine my excitement when I found some of my musical muses, like Mos Def and Common, online. Now when I clicked 'Follow' I assumed that with their busy schedules and hectic lifestyles these cats would almost never post a tweet. Between recording/touring/performing and occasionally sleeping, you would think that spending so much as 10 minutes tweeting would be too much, right? Yeah, nope!

Consider the shock when I discovered that the Musical Director for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and percussion virtuoso drummer supreme ?uestlove of The Roots tweets all the goddamned time! How!?
Here's a little experiment; check out his page now and take note of the last tweet posted, then continue to read this.

It's impressive, seriously. Maybe less impressive if you're a 11-year-old Twilight fan-girl with Bieber fever. But when you're the Musical Director for a late night talk show, co-founder & drummer of the hardest working bands in the industry, constantly touring with The Roots, a music producer, hand-picked by Jay-Z, drum for an entire music festival, evening DJ, and make cameos in more commercials than television would allow, you're a busy individual.

So in pursuit to find out how Ahmir Thompson is capable of typing 140-characters of content on an average of 25 times a day, I put this illustration together to try and solve one of the many mysteries that create the ethos known as The Brother ?uestion. How else is he getting in all this Twit-time?

Now, go back to his twitter page. I bet he's already posted something new. He has! HASN'T HE!?



justin said...

Great Questlove pic bro! The Roots rock, it's weird that they ended up on Jimmy Fallon but still awesome :)

Dirty Dre said...

Thanks man,
It's an opportunity to watch one of the greatest bands on a daily basis, I'm not complaining.

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