Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Last Days of America

Daydreaming at work today while waiting for the
Line Tester I entertained the thought of designing for Jet Set Radio 3.

Unlike my night dreams where I dreamed that Igor and I were dressed up as the 60's batman and robin duo roaming the streets to fight off evildoers. We ducked into our secret hide-out via hidden passage disguised as a regular fire-hydrant. The fire-hydrant was on Sesame Street. After following the tunnel which was very similar to that of the ones in Psychonauts we ended up in what seemed to be the Secret Lair of THE MIGHTY MIGHTY 'D'!!!!!! In the room that looked like an elementary school classroom sat all members of the D! it was fantastic. They were drawing...

why can't I dream of normal stuff like all the other kids?